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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 6, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up on "today in the bay," today american hikers stand trial in iran. we'll tell you what we know. and we could see peace on the horizon for egypt. egypt's largest opposition party sits down with government officials. and the giants and their fans close out fan fest in a big way. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. a bouncy start to this sunday morning looking live from our san bruno mountain camera across the waters to have bay. rob mayeda said it was going to be breezy, and by george, he was right.
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>> dramamine camera. it is gusty. right around san bruno mountain we're seeing winds up to 35, 40 miles per hour. here's san jose, not much wind in san jose, 57 degrees. that is the exception to the rule. san francisco, notice the flag there, pointing out to the ocean, offshore breezes, 62 this morning. 65 in oakland. our morning temperatures are already warmer than the average high temperatures we see this time of year. you can see the gusty winds especially around the east bay hills this morning. we will see that wind advisory through 10:00. as we show you the temperatures hour by hour, lunchtime 70s and we'll top out the day a lot like yesterday, mainly upper 70s to near 80s today. but you will be surprised by how quickly the seven-day forecast cools off. yes, we finally have a chance of rain coming back. we'll show you the timing on that, those changes coming, up in the full forecast. >> looking forward to it. thank you, rob. a crash in san francisco's knob hill area sent area hospitals into trauma mode. san francisco police say a taxi and limousine collided at the
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intersection of sutter and jones street. six people were rushed to the hospital, two pedestrians injured by flying debris when the limo hit a light post there. police investigators say none of them face life-threatening injuries, but there were so many of them, that's why the hospitals were put on alert. early reports say one of the cars may have run a red light. if we get more information, we will updpat day-to-day you. three americans accused of spying are on trial in a closed-door courtroom in iran, no observers allowed. the attorney for shane bauer, f josh fatal and sarah shourd says he is confident all the accusations of spying will be proved false. these are serious accusations. if they are convicted of espionage, the three could be sentenced to death. they were arrested in july of 2009 for crossing the iranian border where they say that they were hiking in iraq. sarah shourd is not present at the trial. you might remember, she was freed on humanitarian grounds in september. e gyp's largest opposition
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party, the muslim brotherhood, is in talks with the government this morning on ending that country's political crisis. throughout the night, protesters shouted against president hosni mubarak and said they will stay in the streets until he leaves office. senior officials resigned from mubarak's party including his son and other party leaders. the 82-year-old president says he is trying to lead a peaceful transition to a new government but protesters say they want him out of office all together. >> one, two, three, four, kick him out the door! >> meantime here in the bay area, protesters gathered at u.n. plaza in san francisco. people from egypt, tunisia and elsewhere called on the u.s. government to take a firm stand against the mubarak government. meantime, an american grandmother trapped by the protesters in her cairo apartment is now free. at the airport, she did not want to talk about how she managed to get to the airport, but she did say what she saw at the time.
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>> litter, just garbage and a lot of rocks. and there were barricades all over the place. >> embassy officials say they put thornberry on a plane and that she should be in europe right about now. also this morning, as president obama says that the future of egypt is in the hands of its people, former vice president dick cheney says hosni mubarak has been a good friend to this nation. speaking last night in santa barbara, cheney encouraged the current white house to move cautiously in terms of the crisis in egypt and to maintain the communication lines open with the government there. he said the will of the people should prevail, but he was quick to defend president mubarak. >> he's ban good man. he's been a good friend and ally of the united states. we need to remember that. >> cheney talked about how helpful mubarak was during the 1991 gulf war even committing troops to fight alongside u.s. forces. cheney was in santa barbara for an event marking the 100th
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anniversary of ronald reagan's birthday. here at home, we have sketches of men who milpitas police say tried to kidnap children in the last few weeks. take a look. milpitas investigators say this man tried to kidnap a 17-year-old girl last wednesday as she walked to school. police also say that these two men tried and failed at two kidnappings on january 24th. the first man allegedly exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl walking home from school, then asked her to get into his car. less than a half hour later, another similar incident happened. 17-year-old girl says that a man driving a red blazer tried to grab her and then exposed himself. all of the incidents happened within two miles of each other east of interstate 680 near calvaveras boulevard. in oakland, police are investigating the city's 15th homicide this year after three separate shootings over the weekend. the first shooting happened about 6:30 last night near the intersection of east 19th street and 23rd avenue.
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a 33-year-old man shot there died, and police say his killing could have something to do with a marijuana growing operation at his home. less than an hour later, another man was shot near the corner of west grand avenue and san pablo avenue. at about 10:30 last night, two men were shot on foot hil boulevard near seventh avenue. those three victims are expected to survive. police are trying to come up with suspect descriptions. oakland communities are looking at ways to end that growing violence in their neighborhoods. they're gathering together, and the police department as well as elected officials held a meeting at peralta elementary school to talk about all of it. neighbors voiced their concerns about violent activity at intersections and police officer cuts. oakland police chief anthony batts did not attend the event yesterday because of a funeral service. a world series trophy, gorgeous weather, and tens of thousands of giant fans together in a sea of orange and black at at&t ballpark. this year's fan fest was such a huge hit that some people were turned away.
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"today in the bay's" elise kirshner shows us the fan fest that almost tripled in size. >> reporter: they showed up at the crack of dawn. >> a lot of standing. >> reporter: some waiting for hours to catch a glimpse of the giants. >> really neat seeing them in person compared to on tv. but it's cool. >> reporter: from pitcher ryan wilson to catcher buster posey, it seemed more like opening day in april than fan fest. >> very, very crowded. lines are very long for autographs. very long to get in. everybody's pushing each other. >> reporter: so crowded that the free event got shut down temporarily to allow lines to disperse. >> a great crowd all day. >> reporter: with an estimated 40,000 fans spilling out of at&t park, bars like mama's cashed in. >> it's obviously going to be a huge boom for the city economically. >> normally we only get 9,000 to 12,000 for fan fest.
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i guess because it's world champions more people are coming. >> reporter: that world series trophy is already boosting ticket sales for next season with steady lines at the ticket window, too, more than 100,000 single-game tickets were sold. >> i can't wait till opening day. opening day is going to be great. already sold out and tickets are over $100 for standing room. it's going to be great. >> reporter: for now, though, fans old and young still get a chance to hang out in the dugout, touch a piece of history and meet their hometown heroes. >> it makes me e feel special. >> that was elise kirshner reporting. if you can't get enough of your world champion san francisco giants, you can go to you will find the story right there on the front page. you are watching "today in the bay." and the weather will be perfect for a pre-super bowl bike ride, hike or a stroll. we're going to show you where sharing the road can be dangerous business, show thoe. and some bay area women
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you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. super bowl sunday morning. whether you are watching from san francisco or from oakland, i hope you have a nice gathering if you're hosting at your house. make somebody else do the dish duty. if you're craving a burger this super bowl sunday, check where your beef is coming from. more than 3,000 pounds of beef from the american food service company are in recall over e. coli concerns. you might be at risk if p you were in southern california recently and dined at burger joint. here's the info just in case. check your ground beef pattys, beef taco meat and ground beef that's used in chili. there is concern some of this
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meat could be in freezers at restaurants across southern california. if you're traveling on business down south, make sure you ask first. if you have battled cancer or you've watched someone you care about fight for their life, you know that the cure often feels worse than the disease. but some local women are getting help from an unexpected source, the house keepers. i spent some time with two women who are connected through cleaning and cancer. >> i'm trying to help people who need the help. >> hi, torry. we're here to clean for you. >> reporter: teresa peterson and her maid to order clue are cleaning torry's house, something she cannot do herself. >> i have stage 3 breast cancer, and massive chemo and i get extremely fatigued. >> reporter: this is one of her good days. she got chemo on monday. by thursday, she won't be able to do much more than sleep and read. >> your heart rate kind of runs high. you have some nausea, but it's handled pretty well with
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medication. you have lesions in your mouth. you can't eat. you have to have very soft foods. you can't eat fresh fruits and vegetables. and it just knocks you on your back. >> reporter: peterson has an idea of what that's like. she beat thyroid cancer six years ago and beat cervical cancer about 12 years before that. and that is the reason she cleans torry horman's house for free. >> one of the biggest reasons why i do this is so people know they're not dealing with any of this alone, that they've got their own little network of friends and relatives even though we're strangers. >> reporter: peter soon's maid to order is part of national nonprofit called cleaning for a reason, which offers women fighting for cancer a four-hour cleaning once a month for four months. peterson helps about four women at a cost to her every year of ab$2,600. >> mm-hmm. >> and that's okay with you. >> that's fine with me. >> reporter: harman says peterson's kindness is proof that cancer can bring out the best in people.
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>> cancer changes your whole way of looking at life. you're thankful to make be alive and i think it makes you a better person. >> reporter: by summer, she hopes to be back to her own self, raising a glass wither her girlfriends and surfing with her son. but she won't forget. >> it's just so kind. >> if you are a woman fighting cancer or you know someone who is, find out more about the free housekeeping at cleaning for a reason dotcom. there you can also make a donation if you want to sponsor a cleaning as well. coming up on "today in the bay," taking the radar gun off road. what you could see the next time you hit your local trail for a brik ride, vostroll or a run. >> and already a kind of warm start to the morning around the bay area, including san francisco. you're waking up to the 60s. more springlike tempurn n
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good morning to you. a live look at sunol. beautiful clear skies. if you're up early, we hope it turns out perfectly for you on this super bowl sunday. rob mayeda has a look at the forecast. makes you want to take the tv outside. it does. yesterday we saw record-breaking temperatures and already this morning all signs are pointing to round two as we get you towards your sunday afternoon. right now san jose 59 degrees. you can see the wind northwest at 7 miles per hour. san francisco, the clear skies. northeast wind at 7. notice the flag there pointing out towards the ocean. offshore winds still pretty gusty around our hilltops this morning. into oakland, 63 degrees. these are some pretty interesting temperatures. many spots around the bay area this morning starting off warmer than your typical afternoon high for this time in february. so we're off to a pretty warm start this morning and easily we'll see those temperatures soaring through the midafternoon. numbers in fairfield, 63, 61 in
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livermo livermore, a little cooler where the winds are light, about 54 degrees in hayward and 58 degrees in napa, 54 in novato. there you see fairfield's winds north of 22, a reminder we still have that wind advisory up to our bay area hilltops through 10:00 this morning so it's going to be a warm start. many hilltop locations waking up to the 70s this morning. so windy at times for the hills and today we could break more records of highs easily climbing into the 70s. nothing showing up on the radar right now. you may notice some high clouds drifting through from time to time, but the story continues, just like we had saturday. this ridge of high pressure warming sinking air aloft dropping down to sea level. that air dries out and warms up. we will see highs easily in the 70s to even your 80s in the warmest places. look out for those gusty winds around the bay area hilltops through early afternoon. so the workweek, things are looking dry but enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. temperatures cooling off. by next weekend, right around this time, we're going to be talking about rain come back
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into the picture. today, no rain, 78 degrees, high pressure and perhaps more records falling. if you hit mid-70s around this time of year, you will break records around the bay area. north to south we'll see those numbers mostly in the 70s. notice the roller coaster. temperatures as we get back to the workweek cooling considerably. once we lose those offshore winds, winds turning onshore heading into monday, cools us off by a few degrees. it will feel chilly, 50s and 60s by midweek, and then saturday into sunday, oh, there you go. that's more like february. we've got some rain and some snow coming back this time next weekend. enjoy while it lasts. >> sunny weather has made us cocky. we have a plan planning an outside kids' birthday par the ti for next weekend. it is february. >> wow. bicyclists, strollers, everybody seems to have a story about near-miss accidents on bay area trails. is it time for police to step in?
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"today in the bay's" vicky nguyen takes a look at the accidents on some popular trails and what authorities plan to do about it. >> reporter: one minute she was on a leisurely stroll with her dog. >> i didn't see it coming. >> reporter: the next -- >> i heard from behind the bikers yell, look out! and i turned around. >> reporter: by then, it was too late for georgie finch. >> he looked like he was going really fast. there was nowhere to go. >> reporter: he slammed into her and they both hit the pavement. georgie says she was broken up and bruised, and the bicyclist worse off. >> everybody's sharing one path, especially with, you know, kids and babies and dogs. >> reporter: georgie cease story is a familiar one on mixed-use trails all over the bay area. >> he says, i'm sorry, and he walked awy. >> reporter: it's not always the cyclists at fault. pedestrians need to tune in too. >> some of the bikers are arrogant and a lot of the walkers are arrogant also.
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>> reporter: in the last five years, the district reported 136 bike-involved accidents on its 16 multiuse trails. the south bay's los gatos trail had 29. east bay regional park district had 51 accidents, a quarter cligs. golden gait national recreational area only provided one year's worth of data, 33 bike accidents in 2010. most solo bikers riding faster than the 15-mile-an-hour speed limit. one ranger patrols los gatos' creek trail. >> about 17. there were a bunch of kids on the trail and that kind of stuff, i'd expect it to slow down to about 7, 8 miles an hour. >> reporter: the park gets more visitors each year than most national parks, up to 5,000 people sharing this space on a weekend. >> guys need to talk to you real quick if you can pull over for me. >> reporter: he says most have no idea the bike limit is 15 miles an hour and slower when cyclists are passing pedestrians or play areas, while walkers and
7:22 am
slow traffic should keep to the right, they have the right of way no matter what. >> when you came across that bridge, i'd expect you to come out of there at about 9 or so, maybe 8. >> reporter: the fastest he's clocked a cyclist was 47 miles an hour. it was an automatic $200 ticket. >> there isn't anywhere you should be going 47 miles an hour on a bike. >> reporter: and he says while the most conflicts come from bikers versus walkers, the worst injuries involve bikers versus themselves. in september, a cyclist died after crashing headfirst into the pavement at almaden quick silver county park. he was wearing a helmet. >> over 25 miles an hour is pretty well documented that head trauma can be fatal. and most of the time it is. >> lucky for georgie and max, a few bruises are all that remain from their collision and a reminder that mixed-use trails require attention from everyone in the mix. >> 47 miles an hour. that's fast. that was vicky nguyen reporting. if you see speed issues at your favorite park or your trail, record the time and date and
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report it to your park department. you can also request radar enforcement or automated signs to try and slow the traffic there. always pay attention. much more ahead on "today in the bay." we'll take a tour of president reagan's ranch for this, which would be his 100th birthday. good morning. i'm justin allen. coming up in sports, a big night for hoops in the bay area, cal taking on arizona, a barn burner at hops pavilion. those highlights and the warriors standing tall against the chicago bulls. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox, then my squirrel... and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it. cal goes the distance in a triple-overtime thriller, but did the team prevail? for the latest in sports, let's check in with "today in the bay's" justin allen. the cal bears with the ideal opportunity to prove they're still a contender for another pac-10 title taking on number 21, arizona. packed house on hand for a
7:26 am
marathon contest. we'll pick it up, 16 seconds left in regulation. the cats', lamont jones with the hoop, gets the foul, made that, sending the game into extra play. we'll jump into the second overtime. six seconds left, cal primed for the win till jones strikes again, drops the three. so we go to a triple overtime. cal's harper camp with a career-high 33 points, drops the soft hook, puts the bears up one. but arizona grinds out the win from there. cal's win streak snapped for 107-105 the final. cardinals striving to keep up in pac-10 play taking on asu at home. jeremy green, 5 of 5 from three-point land. drains one here. had 23 points. stanford takes it 83-75. now 12-10 overall, 5-6 in pac-10 play. moraga, sophomore matthew only ten points the past two games, he's back up last night, drops the three, had 23.
7:27 am
they win it 79-70. usf and santa clara, rashad green leading the way. he'll get inside here for the night nice bucket. had 18 on the night. and usf beats the broncos 68-62. now second behind st. mary's in the west coast conference. warriors hoping to capitalize and keep a decent thing going after two nice wins over the bucks and jazz, facing chicago last night. a good barometer of where they are. chicago's punching some holes in that stiff chicago defense. end of the third, the inbounds alley-oop to montae ellis. that's just darn pretty. warriors take a one-point lead. ellis had 33. fourth quarter, golden state flowing. steph curry lays it in with flair. put up 23. most impressive win of the season. warriors take it 101-90. sharks with an early game in boston on saturday. the rookie logan couture goes
7:28 am
with the backhand shot for his 23rd goal of the season. sharks up 1-0. let's go late third, sharks looking to seal the win and they do. setoguchi gets his own rebound and fires it in for the empty-netter. san jose only 18 shots but it was enough for the 2-0 shutout. three weeks from today, spring ball will be in full effect for the giants, so yesterday's fan fest one last time to savor that championship before heading out to denver. >> it's exciting. you know, it was a quick winner and we're just happy to be here. nice day out and spring training starting in about a week. so i think everyone is ready to get back to work and try to win another world series. the park was packed. over 40,000 in attendance. that's -- well 25,000 showed up last year so, you can see what a tight ll do. it was a great day for the fans and players alike. that's going to do it for sports. have a great day. much more ahead on "today in
7:29 am
the bay." still ahead, many refer to it as the western white house. coming up, we'll take you to president ronald reagan's california home to mark his 100th birthday. and we'll take another look at our top stories including the american hikers who are now on trial in iran.
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good morning to you. take a live look from one of our cameras in san francisco. transamerica pyramid there and also the golden gate bridge. and looking live from one of our other cameras bouncing around, a breezy start to this sunday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. and you said the it was going to be windy, and that is windy. >> notice the scene there? camera hanging on for dear life this morning, especially the san bruno mountain. it is gusty this morning. look at the effects of those
7:32 am
offshore winds, 66 degrees in san francisco. could be a record high low temperature this morning out there. northeast wind at 9. we'll be seeing temperatures soaring through the day. look at the coastal temperatures around santa cruz, 64 degrees, cooler around concord where the wind is light. you're waking up to the 50s. if you have the gusty wind, you'll have temperatures waking up this morning in the 60s. hour by hour, lunchtime, gorgeous day, just a little gusty especially in the hills, highs today in the mid-70s in the cooler locations and low 80s once again today breaking records today and then the roller coaster ride really drops off those temperatures as we head into the workweek and finally a chance of rain coming back in the forecast. a look at that coming up in the sunday forecast. >> all right. we need the rain. >> we do. >> thank you very much, rob. we know that the trial for three american hikers accused of spying began today in iran. the problem is no one really knows much more than that. the trial is being held behind closed doors. no observers are being allowed.
7:33 am
still the attorney for shane bauer, josh fattal and sarah shourd says he is confident all of the accusations will be proved false. if the three are convicted, they could be sentenced to death. the three americans say they were hiking when they were arrested in july of 2009 for crossing the iranian border. sarah shourd is free on bail. she was released on humanitarian grounds. clearly, lots of interest in this one. we are watching for any details to come out of tehran. the egyptian government and the biggest opposition of the muslim brotherhood are holding meetings today together to end the country's two-week-old political crisis. throughout the night protesters souted against president hosni mubarak. senior officials ree signed from his par i, including his own son. the 82-year-old president says he is trying to lead a peaceful transition to a new government but protesters say they want him out of office now. >> one, two, three, four -- kick mubarak out the door! >> meantime here in the bay area, that was the cry as
7:34 am
protesters gathered at u.n. plaza in san francisco. people from egypt, tunisia and elsewhere called upon the u.s. to take a firm stance against the mubarak government. and we have an update on an american woman who was trapped in her apartment in cairo while the protests raged on. an nbc news crew tried to get 76-year-old mary thornberry but was unsuccessful. however, she caught up with a producer at the airport. she didn't want to say exactly how she made it out of her apartment and got to the airport, but she did say what she saw along the way. >> of course the streets were quite littered all the way. littered, just garbage and a lot of rocks. and there were barricades all over the place. >> that was her talking on the phone with nbc's lester holt. embassy officials say they put thornberry on a plane and she is believed to be in europe right now. she's originally from texas. that's where she's headed. milpitas police investigators are releasing sketches of three men accused of
7:35 am
attempted kidnapping. take a look at the pictures. investigators say this man tried to kidnap a 17-year-old girl last wednesday as she walked to school. police also say these two men tried and failed at two other kidnappings on january 24th. the first man allegedly exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl who was walking home from school then asked her to get into a car. less than a half hour later, another similar incident. a 17-year-old girl says the man driving a red blazer tried to grab her and then exposed himself to her. all of these incidents happened within two miles of each other east of interstate 680 near calaveras boulevard. if you know anything, call milpitas police. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still ahead, i'll sit down with our political analyst larry gerston to talk about governor grant's plans to balance the budget. and we'll take a tour of a ranch fit for a president on this day of remembering president ronald reagan.
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good sunday morning. a live look at the rock, alcatraz. it looks like a beautiful day if you are headed out for a little bit of exercise before super bowl sunday. today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of late president ronald reagan. governor jerry brown proclaimed today ronald reagan day, and he's calling on californians to be inspired by the great communicator's buoyant optimism and deep faith in america. reagan was the 40th president of the united states from 1981 to 1989. before that, he was, of course, governor of california. ronald reagan died seven years ago. throughout his two-term presidency, ronald reagan would often retreat to his california
7:39 am
ranch. "today in the bay' "today in the bay's" patrick he'lly takes us to casa del sol. >> reporter: from central california it's a 45-minute ride up a twist and bumpy road, into the mountains and an idyllic piece of history, the rachblg of the sky, president reagan's western white house. >> he just loved this place. he just loved it, and he was relaxed up here. >> reporter: john bar let toe was chief of president reagan's security detail and his horseback riding companion. >> heart and soul up there. >> reporter: occasionally during his presidency from 1981 to '89, mr. reagan invited reporters to the ranch, but most often this was his getaway place for r&r with his beloved wife, nancy, and it took a long telephoto lenz to get video of the president out riding or chopping wood or building fences. what strikes you is how small and unassuming it is for the western white house, the vacation home of the president of the united states. >> we know that mikhail
7:40 am
gorbachev was a bit surprised to see such a small and humble home for a president. >> reporter: fisher shared the story of how the reagans were looking for a ranch at the end of his governorship in 1974 and discovered this property. even after an early add-on, it's still small. they did little updating, not even a new tv for the leader of the western world. who needs central heating with old-fashioned wood burning fireplaces? now you know why mr. reagan was chopping wood all the time. >> the president very kindly knelt down and built a fire for the queen of england. that's one of my favorite images of him. >> reporter: for the president of the united states, of course, there's no such thing as total vacation. but what the ranch brought mr. reagan were moments of respite. >> that was patrick healy reporting. more women in the u.s. die of heart attacks than anything else, yet researchers say few women recognize the symptoms. as nbc's michelle franzen shows us, that's why the push is on to
7:41 am
get women in the know about the signs of heart disease and the risks. >> reporter: in the u.s., a woman suffers a heart attack. >> it's the number one killer among women. >> reporter: but according to a recent survey, when it comes to recognizing the signs of heart disease and calling 911, american women are missing a beat. >> women typically are super women. they're there for everyone, and they are very unlikely to take care of themselves. >> reporter: to change that, the u.s. department of health and human services launched the make the call don't miss a beat campaign. >> what does it feel like when a woman having a heart attack? >> reporter: knowledge of the symptoms and risks vary among american women. >> educate, empower, engage women to learn the symptoms of heart attacks. >> reporter: 60% of white women surveyed were aware heart disease is the leading cause of death among women compared to 45% of african-american women. >> also, african-american women are less likely to know of their
7:42 am
risk factors and to know the symptoms. >> reporter: as for symptoms, health experts say they may not come in the form of those classic chest pains. >> the symptoms could be much more subdued. they could be anything from shortness of breath. they can have nausea. they can have some palpitations. they can have pain that goes into their jaw or their back. >> reporter: health officials say along with knowing the risk, women need to find ways to prevent heart disease. eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting regular checkups to track blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and your waistline. >> a waist size over 35 inches is -- is considered obese and actually a risk factor, early risk factor for heart disease. >> reporter: a new push to raise awareness and lower the risk of heart attacks. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. we have much more ahead here on "today in the bay." next, our political analyst larry gerston joins us to talk
7:43 am
about governor brown's multitiered plan to balance the budget. good morning. on "press here," you heard about that trick google played on bing, the bing sting. we talked to google's head search engineer about it. the guy who contested the sting, a guy who knows so much about how google works, he's rarely allowed to talk to the press. and richard price, head of the san ramon fire district, about a new iphone app. what if you were connecting all the citizens in your town by smartphone? a revolutionary idea that connects those having an emergency with people who can help, like modern-day minutemen. that's allhead o "press here."'s hair and mascara, a lethal combo. i'm jon haber of alto music. my business is all about getting music into people's hands. and the plum card from american express open helps me do that. you name it, i can buy it. and the savings that we get from the early pay discount has given us money to reinvest back
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let's take a live look this morning. where are we in i can't see it from here. but no matter where you are, if you look out your window, you'll
7:46 am
see a beautiful picture because we have nice, warm temperatures and they will continue at least until next weekend. now to stormier areas. one of the keys to jerry brown's balanced state budget is something called realignment. we bring in "today in the bay's" political analyst, larry gerston. let's talk about realignment. we haven't talked about this a lot. some of the others are over and over, broken record, but this is different. >> arnold schwarzenegger talked about blowing up the bocks. jerry brown is really trying to blow up the box in a way that's really very different. we have to get used to it. realinement is an attempt to match revenue sources with programs and services. that's about it. you have to realize where the money's coming with what you're doing with that money. now, before the days of proposition 13, local governments used property taxes for all kinds of things -- schools, right, police, fire, public hospitals, libraries. things like that. all kinds of traditional local services. guess what?
7:47 am
after prop 13, all that money got sucked up or at least a lot. $550 billion, kris, went into the taxpayers' pockets and away from local government. $550 billion since 1978. okay. so instead, local governments have depended upon the state to make up that difference. okay. not so much of a problem because they had the money for a while. but as the state has seen its revenue decrease, and we know all about this over the last few years, it has been unable to provide local governments with the money they need. okay? is that's the problem in a nutshell. >> so it's basically where jerry brown is essentially trying to cut out the middleman, then, wouldn't you say? or is that too much? >> it's not cutting out the middleman as much as -- what he wants to do, he saez, you have all these needs and services down here. okay. we have been trying to give you the money. we don't have it anymore. so what i want to do now is find ways to return control over these programs and services to the local government because that's the easy part.
7:48 am
the hard part is where are you going to find the money? where are you going to find it? so until you settle that problem, okay, just returning the programs and services and responsibilities won't do it in itself. >> you know, the question is, is that going to be enough? he's talked about all kinds of different things. if we do realign programs and services with their funding sources, is that going to be enough to balance the budget? >> the first salvo on this has come in the form of getting rid of the redevelopment agency. somewhere between -- depending on the math, somewhere between $2 billion and $5 billion that will be available to local governments. >> which isn't that much money. >> that's right. it's not nearly what they need. so the question is what other means can they go to besides getting rid of the redevelopment, which is a fight to begin with from local governments. what else can you do? a few things. for example, they might think about expanding the property tax
7:49 am
in a way where businesses pay more but homeowners stay at 1%, that very treasured 1% for prop 13. that's one thing they can do. another thing they might do is the sales tax. right now we pay on what would be about 40% of what all things could be sales tax, services, when you go see a doctor, a lawyer, a car reair, dry cleaning, things like that. that's another thing they might do. then there are things like perhaps adding to the sales tax, in itself, providing more money for local governments because that's who uses the sales tax largely, not entirely, but largely. so there are lots of different things. finally, maybe the idea of lowering, lowering what costs to tax ourselves from the two-thirds that we usually see down to the majority. there are all kinds of ideas in terms of not just giving local governments back control, control back of their programs and services but funding it, funding it, too. that's the rub. >> going back to the changing
7:50 am
the threshold to raise taxes, didn't we do that in november? didn't we talk about doing that in november? >> a couple things in november. among other things, the state no longer helps the local government what local governments are charged with having, entitled to have, the state itching away at that over the years to the tune of $5 billion. we also said before any tax is voted on locally that the voters have to say something about it. the local government, the city council can't do it themselves. on the one hand we've made it kind of tougher to make any of these changes. on the other hand, what the governor is saying, look, guys, we can talk about unloading stuff from the state and giving it back to local government, but unless we find a way to replace those revenues at the local level, it's not going to work. of course the mayor and city council are screaming yes, yes, yes. >> even in the last week we heard a story about shifting juvenile offenders from the state to the county. well, you still only have so
7:51 am
many beds. >> that's right. >> regardless of -- >> that's right. heard about juvenile offenders. you've heard about prisoners, moving them from state institutions to local. these are all wonderful ways to lighten the state's load, but you can't do it unless you provide revenue sources for the local government. and that's the box that brown is trying to blow up. i have to tell you, it's an uphill battle, but unless they find some way to not only return programs and services but also return funding, it's not going to work. >> he said, you know, like a lot of this stuff is just fuzzy math and, you know, like accounting kind of tricks. is this an accounting trick? >> you know, you can only do that so much. governor schwarzenegger had to learn that. the bottom line, kris, is that when we passed prop 13, good news and bad news. the good news is $550 billion have gone into our pockets rather than local government. the bad news is $550 billion -- >> we need to replace it. >> right. those programs and services have
7:52 am
been lost except for the small amount that the state has replenished and they no longer have any money. so nobody wants to pay taxes. >> no. >> but we all want good schools, want to know the police are there, the fire -- >> and no potholes. >> yes. most of all. >> all right. thank you very much, larry. >> okay. >> see you next week. much more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up. rob mayeda takes a look at the weekend forecast that's gorgeous this weekend. what about next d?bout your wor? [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain.
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7:55 am
through the end of the week. as we head towards next weekend, we will see, again, things cooling off as we head towards next weekend, even a chance of rain. kris? >> thank you very much, rob. thanks for making us a part of your early sunday morning. have a great day. see you next weekend. now is really the time to start thinking about moving into that home you only thought was possible. imagine driving home after a busy day from work to beautifully manicured courtyards, complete with marble statuari statuariries, fountains and european architecture, all within 20 minutes of napa and a ferry ride from san francisco. it is possible. >> here at belvedere. it's the most spacious home. it comes standard with master suites, second bedroom and 2 1/2 baths. the kitchen is accented with granite countertops and includes all major appliances. the living room features a built-in entertainment system and warm, cozy fireplace. the residents offer the patio or
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